Creamy Coconut Iced Latte

I love iced lattes and at the start of summer, I’m abusing them 😉 I wanted to create a recipe that was a little different than just milk and coffee, by making a creamier and more flavorful milk. coconut aroma!

At first glance, it may seem counter-intuitive to add oil to a drink, I agree 😉 But the idea is to make the vegetable milk of your choice thicker and creamy, slightly frothy. I choose undeodorized coconut oil to keep the taste, which I love! But you can use deodorized oil for a neutral result. Same for sugar, it’s according to your taste.

I use oat milk, the Minor Figures which I like!


  • espresso – 1 – 180 (mL)
  • coconut oil – 1.5 (càs)
  • sugar – 1 (tsp)


  • Warm up the milk oats. Pour it into your blender over the sugar and coconut oil and blend for 2 minutes!
  • Let the espresso run.
  • Into a glass filled with ice cubes, pour the espresso then creamy milk 🙂 Mix and enjoy!
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