Coca de berenjena y espinacas

The quantities that I have put in the recipe are used to make 4 cocas (not very large, approximately 32 x 12 cm.), but if you want to prepare less quantity, you only have to freeze the portions of leftover dough and the sauce, and prepare less amount of eggplant and spinach. Right now, I have dough and sauce stored in the freezer, and I’ve already started pulling strings to organize a dinner at home and surprise everyone with this eggplant and spinach cake. Also, I already have another coca version in mind to use up the leftover dough.

  • 2 eggplants
  • 150 g of fresh spinach
  • 24 mint leaves
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp Modena Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
For the dough:
  • 400 g of wheat flour
  • 220 g of water
  • 10 g of salt
  • 5 g of fresh yeast
  • 5 g of olive oil
  • 5 g of whole cane sugar (panela)
  • 5 g of white pepper
For the sauce:
  • 300 ml vegetable broth
  • 4 tomatoes pear
  • 1 onion
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 2 oregano
  • ½ cinnamon cc
  • ½ cc of ginger
  • ½ cc of hot paprika
  • ½ cc of turmeric
  • ¼ cc cumin
  1. We start by preparing the dough. Dilute the sugar and yeast in warm water and mix in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients. When they are integrated, knead on the countertop for 15 minutes. Store the dough in a bowl greased with oil, cover with plastic wrap and leave to rise until doubled in size.
  2. Heat the oven to 220º. Cut the aubergine into half-centimeter cubes. Mix with oil and pepper. Place the eggplant on parchment paper on a baking tray and roast for 45 minutes. Stir halfway through cooking so the eggplant doesn’t burn.
  3. Prepare the sauce. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and remove the stem and pulp. Julienne the onion and fry it in a saucepan with a little oil. When it starts to brown, add the sliced garlic and fry for 2 more minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook over medium heat for 45 minutes.
  4. When the cooking time has passed. Remove the saucepan from the heat and blend until you get a lump-free sauce. It should have a texture similar to a tomato sauce. If it is too thick, correct it by adding a little more broth and blend again to mix well.
  5. Heat the oven to 230º.
  6. < li class="instruction" itemprop="recipeInstructions">Carefully remove the dough from the bowl and cut it into 4 equal pieces. If you don’t want to make 4 cakes, you can freeze the pieces you won’t be using.

  7. Roll out the dough until it is 5mm thick. Paint it with olive oil. Top with a little sauce, leaving a 1 cm margin, and roast aubergine. Bake for 20 minutes or until the coca is golden brown.
  8. While the coca is baking, mix the spinach leaves with the Modena vinegar.
  9. Once the coke is golden, you can take it out of the oven. When cool, top with spinach and a few mint leaves and it’s ready to serve.
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