Chocolate bars filled with cream (vegan homemade Kinder Bueno style)

As you see in the title. Today I bring you a spectacular recipe… Because after some other tests… We have the definitive recipe. Easy. Delicious. Almost instant. Some chocolate bars filled with nut cream with vanilla and crunchy pieces of hazelnut… YES. Homemade KINDER GOOD STYLE, vegan and irresistible.

As I say, this recipe is inspired by the sweet Kinder Bueno. It is not a replica of the original recipe, it is a very quick adaptation to be able to prepare it even if you have no experience in cooking. The base is dark chocolateto melt, it has an ice cream wafer inside (you can find them in practically any supermarket, you just have to make sure they don’t contain eggs) and the cream homemade, with a base of super creamy cashew cream (I used the brand The Nut Club, which is just cashew and creamy), mixed with a little crunchy hazelnut cream from the same brand, a little soy milk< /strong> (to achieve a creamy texture) and liquid vanilla.


1 bar of dark chocolate to melt
1/2 bowl of cashew cream
3 tablespoons of hazelnut cream with chunks
1/4 cup soy milk (approximately)
4 tablespoons liquid vanilla
Agave syrup
Ice cream wafers
Olive oil
A bar mold
*Make sure you read all the advice I have written above*

Step by step

  1. We will start by melting the chocolate. For that, we break the dark chocolate bar to melt into small pieces and put it inside a cup. Boil water in a pot and place the cup inside. We keep it over medium heat, gently boiling, so that the chocolate melts in the water bath.
  2. Meanwhile, we are going to grease the mold with olive oil. Dip a clean cloth or kitchen paper in olive oil and grease the entire base and sides of our mold. It is important that there is no excess (no trace of oil) but that the entire interior is shiny and oiled. This will make it easier for us to unmold the bars later.
  3. Now, with the chocolate already melted, we are going to pour it little by little onto the base of the mould. Leave the remaining chocolate back in the pot, in a bain-marie, at a very gentle boil.
  4. We take the mold with our hands and slowly move it downwards, towards the sides,… To evenly spread all the chocolate over the base, reaching the sides of the mould.Creating a U-shaped base several mm thick (make sure the layer is not too thin or it will will break when unmolding). Don’t go overboard with the thickness either, we need to leave room for the cream, the biscuit and the last layer of chocolate.
  5. Now, we put it in the fridge and we’re going to prepare the cream.
    Let's refrigerate the chocolate and prepare the cream

    Refrigerate the chocolate and prepare the cream

  6. In a bowl, mix 1/4 of a bowl of cashew cream, 3 tablespoons of crunchy hazelnut cream (important that it has pieces), 4 tablespoons of liquid vanilla and 2 tablespoons of syrup . You can add more if you want it sweeter.
  7. Mix well and gradually add 1/4 cup of soy milk. Add it slowly until you get the texture you see in the photo below. Creamy, but not too runny. That it has enough body to fall slowly from the spoon.
    Cream filled with homemade and vegan Kinder Bueno

    Cream filled with homemade and vegan Kinder Bueno

  8. After 10 or 15 minutes, the chocolate will have solidified in the mould. If you see that it is not quite hard yet, let it rest for a longer time.
  9. Now, fill the bars with cream. It is important that you fill well but:
    1. Place the cream preferably in the center, a generous ball of cream.
    2. Do not exceed the amount of cream, remember that we have to leave space for the cookie and more chocolate.
    3. Leave space on the sides so that the chocolate that you put as the final layer can go down to the bottom of the mold and solidify together with the chocolate from the base . That is, the chocolate “drips” down the walls of the mould.
  10. Put on the cream: it’s time to put the wafers. We will cut the wafers into rectangles adapted to the thickness of our mold, but with a 2 or 3 mm margin on each side. Remember: it is important that you leave space so that the chocolate that we are going to put next can slide off the sides. If not, it will break when unmolding.
  11. We adapt the wafers to the mold and now, yes, we put the last layer of chocolate. Make sure you insert the chocolate well through the lateral gaps between the chocolate wafer and the sides of the mold and that it reaches the bottom, “connecting” with the chocolate that we put at the beginning.
  12. Now, we put it in the freezer for about 15 or 20 minutes, until the chocolate definitely solidifies.
  13. After that time, we remove the molds from the freezer. If it is a mold like mine, made of rigid plastic, you will only need to “twist” it a little (like when you unmold ice from the molds of the refrigerator) so that the bars jump.
    We fill the homemade Kinder Bueno. Vegan.

    We fill the homemade Kinder Bueno. Vegan.

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