Chickpea and red amaranth salad

Chickpea and red amaranth salad


  1. 1 400g can of chickpeas
  2. 1 handful of coriander
  3. 1 heaped tablespoon of red amaranth (alfalfa Sprouts or watercress also work well)
  4. 1 lemon squeezed
  5. 1 green chilli (optional)
  6. Salt to taste


  • Rinse the chickpeas thoroughly, then drain & place in a bowl
  • Rinse and dry the cilantro, then chop finely before adding to the chickpeas
  • Rinse and dry the red amaranth (or sprouts), then place in the bowl add
  • Add lemon juice and mix well
  • If you add the chili, cut 2-3 pieces into thin slices and reserve for garnish
  • Dice the rest of the chilli and add the chickpeas to the bowl
  • Toss well, then garnish with the extra chilli pieces and a few extra red amaranth leaves
  • Serve!


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