I had already made a recipe for seitan skewers, but teriyaki style, two years ago on the blog! So this summer, now having a barbecue at home, I decided to make it again but with a seasoning. I chose to season it a bit like my chicken tofu but with more curry 🙂

Seitan requires more preparation than tofu and it has to cook a long time before being ready but that make a change and it’s delicious You can also keep it in the freezer for later before barbecuing!


For the seitan:

  • toasted sesame oil – 1 (càs)
  • balsamic vinegar – 1 (càs)
  • maple syrup – 1 (càs)
  • malted yeast (food yeast) – 20 (g)
  • curry – 1 (càs)
  • paprika – 1 (càs)
  • salt – 1 (tsp)
  • dried herbs de provence < !---->– 1 (càs)
  • flour – 50 (g)
  • gl flour uten – 140 (g)
For the marinade:

  • olive oil
  • curry
  • fleur de sel


  • Prepare the seitan: in a bowl, mix all the ingredients with 150 mL of lukewarm water.
  • Knead the seitan paste for 5 minutes by hand. Form a sausage and cut into 0.5 cm thick slices.
  • Heat a large pot of water (or vegetable broth). When the water is simmering, cook the seitan slices in it for one hour.
  • Drain the slices and let them cool.
  • Mix all the ingredients for the marinade.
  • On skewers, prick the slices of seitan. You can alternate them with pieces of raw pepper or cherry tomatoes.
  • Brush the skewers with the marinade.
  • Turn on your barbecue and grill your skewers on it!
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