Glaze is often used to decorate desserts and besides being pretty, I’ve always found it to be very tasty. It is usually made with cow’s milk and powdered sugar, but I personally like this brown sugar glaze better.

To prepare this version I have used vegetable milk and brown sugar that I have crushed in a powerful glass blender until it had the same consistency as icing sugar.




  1. Beat the sugar in one glass blender until it is powdered and has a consistency similar to icing sugar.< /li>
  2. Put the sugar in a bowl and add the milk and vanilla extract. Stir until they are perfectly integrated. If the icing is too thick, add more milk, and if it’s too runny, add more sugar.
  3. You can use this brown sugar icing like any other icing for decorate bread puddingdonuts, banana bread, etc. Store leftovers in the fridge in an airtight container for about 4-5 days.


  • I don’t think this recipe will work with sweeteners other than some kind of sugar like brown sugar, coconut sugar, or panela.
  • Instead of milk, you could also use water, although it looks better that way.
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