Breakfast: vegetable kefir toast with fruit

Hello everybody! Long time no go here. Oh, I’m sorry, it’s been a few weeks of non-stop. The launch of my podcast ‘La Singular’ (which gives me great joy, but also It takes me a long time), the networks, the reactivation of events and talks, and many things that will happen soon in the city of Barcelona…

But hey, precisely because of that rush that characterizes the lives of many people, today I bring you an easy, colorful, satiating breakfast that is different from anything else. This time it is a rye bread toast with an almond butter base (the kind that has GMO bits) and Naturgreen brand bio-coconut kefir.


Rye bread

Vegetable kefir

Almond cream with chunks

1 banana


Agave syrup

Topping: chocolate chips, grated coconut or chips, pomegranate,…

Step by step

    1. We will start by toasting the bread and spreading on the base the almond cream. Then, we add generous coconut kefir on top.
    2. Next, we cut the banana in half and place it in a pan with a splash of water and another splash of agave syrup.
    3. We let it caramelize and brown it back and forth, remove it from the heat and place it on the toast.
    4. Finally, decorate with pomegranate, dark chocolate pieces and grated or chipped coconut.
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