It is cold and flu season and there is no better way to combat and prevent them than by including a large amount of raw fruits and vegetables in our diet. Juices are a great option because by removing the fiber they have a high nutrient content and are perfect for people who find it difficult to eat fruit.

Ginger is one of my star ingredients when making juices and I usually also use kale or spinach because they are my favorite greens, but there are a thousand alternatives you can choose from.



  • 2 tazas de espinacas crudas (60 g)
  • 2 naranjas
  • 2 ramas de apio
  • 1 trozo de jengibre fresco (unos 2 cm)


  1. Wash the fruits and vegetables and peel the oranges.
  2. The ingredients have to be chopped to fit through the extractor and so that it costs less to make the juice.
  3. We introduce them little by little in our extractor. The ideal is to intersperse water-rich ingredients such as celery or oranges with other more fibrous ones such as ginger or green leaves.
  4. You can take the juice as it is or strain it to remove any remaining pulp.
  5. I advise you to clean the extractor as soon as you finish making the juice because otherwise it will cost you much more work.
  6. < li id="instruction-step-6">And our juice is ready! The ideal is to take it freshly made, although you can keep it in the fridge in an airtight container, better if it is opaque. Fill it to the top to prevent it from rusting. The juice will stay alive for up to 72 hours. You can also freeze it if you want to prepare it in large quantities, although in that case leave free space so that the jar does not explode because the liquid will expand. Ideally, take it within a week.


  • You can use any green leaf instead of spinach. You can substitute oranges for other citrus fruits, celery for cucumber and use powdered ginger instead of fresh (when the juice is ready, add it little by little until it is to your liking).
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